Marinus Boezem
Year Title  
1996 Arbores
1991 The leaning wing and the bird
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2016 "Up Memory Lane (Part I)"
1996 Art Chicago
1996 Art Brussels
1994 Kunsthal
1991 KunstRai
Year Title
1993 Marinus boezem
1989 Marinus Boezem
1987 La Lumiere Cistercienne Clairveaux
Year Title
1989 Hommage to J.B.
1991 Albero
Polder landscape, the wind, Gothic, birds, reflection: well-known themes in Boezem's work. But underlying this obvious layer, using a light form of irony, he plays with deceptive images and antitheses, disappearances and disguises. The difficulty in interpreting the work of the artist increases as the oeuvre expands. Each individual object becomes a link in an increasingly complicated network. Naturally, this applies to every artist, but in particular to Boezem.

Frans Jozef Witteveen artist, but in particular to Boezem.

translation: Ana Bishop