Jurgen Bey
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2002 M.A.F.
Jurgen Bey is a designer, although he feels as if he is an explorer sent on a voyage, either out of his own curiosity or through an assignment given him. He researches, asks questions, makes a connection and after ëtravellingí he translates this into his own language; the language of form and production. In quite a few of his designs re-cycling plays a major role. From garden rubbish he has made garden furniture and in his ëkokonserieí cocoon series antique furniture and objects literally receive a new skin. He creates these ëkokonmeublesí by stretching a flexible synthetic material over tables and chairs fusing them together as one.

He has exhibited in museums in the USA, Portugal, Germany, Austria, and France and in The Netherlands in Haarlem, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. He has had comissions in London, Japan, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Spijkenisse Leeuwarden, den Haag, Maastricht, Rotterdam and South Korea.