Marjolijn van den Assem
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2022 bewustzijn van schijn
2007 Seelenbriefe
2006 Preview
2005 Different Dimensions
2005 Project Rotterdam
2003 Mobility
2003 “denkbaar” - KunstRai
2002 “denkbaar”
2001 Preview
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2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2015 "And the Livin' is easy"
2014 Art Rotterdam
2012 Different Dimensions II
2011 Art Amsterdam
2010 Art Amsterdam
2010 We Like 6%
2009 Zomeropstelling / Summer Exposure
2009 Kunst Kickoff
2008 Crossing Directions
2007 Art Amsterdam
2005 Art Rotterdam
2003 Art Rotterdam
1997 Art Brussels
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2014 De Taal van de Dooiwind
2007 Seelenbriefe
2003 Schetsboek nr 6
1998 Tekeningen en Schilderijen
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2003 Sketchbook nr 6
Since the beginning of 2001 Marjolijn van den Assem has been working on a project that she calls 'SEELENBRIEFE'. The premise for this project lies in the correspondence between Marie Baumgartner (1831-1897) and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). This heart-to-heart exchange of letters that accompanied the Saturday discussions between Marie and Nietzsche at her home, resulted in Marie translating two of Nietzsches books into French. For the astute Marie Baumgartner the correspondence and discussions was the intellectual stimulus that she craved. When Nietzsche left for Sorrento,Italy with a group of ’’like-minded spirits’’, Marie contemplated following him, but in her time and in her situation (she was married with two children) that proved to be impossible As a sign of their admiration for her translations the group picked a bouquet of wild flowers they had collected on their walks in the hills above Sorrento and sent them to Marie in Switzerland. This ‘’thank- you letter’’ was the reason and the starting point for Marjolijn van den Assem to undertake a similar sort of journey to Sorrento on the same day as the group did and to pick the same kind of wild flower bouquet.
Marjolijn van den Assem’s reasearch concentrates on the nature of the platonic relationship such as that between Marie en Nietzsche. She endeavours to understand the power and inspiration that comes from intellectual stimulus and seeks the nuances between like-mindedness, oneness/solidarity, and propensity.
With her painting and drawing skills Marjolijn van den Assem wanders this powerful path and searches in the wide reaches to where these flower–forms have led her.

The project has encompassed until now: * Written drawings 10 compact pages of fragments of Marie’s letters 122 x 92 cm, *Documentation in the form of pencil drawings of the 'via campagnano' where the group took their walks and where Marjolijn van den Assem returned and picked her own wild flower bouquet.
* Three-dimensional landscapes
* Three-dimensional paper forms inspired by the Italian wildflower bouquet
* Pencil and East Indian ink series of drawings of individual flowers
* Series large drawings (122 x 92 cm and 184 x 122 cm)
* Oil paintings of the wild arum-lily
* Paper cylinders, inspired by the arum-lily

One of these paper cylinders has been cast in steel and made life-size so that one can stand inside the cylinder and feel that they are a part of it.

A presentation of the entire project, including a book with a bibliophile edition, is planned for 2006
2009 - Tekening