Tamás Komoróczky
Year Title  
2008 Lada Project
2004 Sanyi (electric light)
2002 And then Nothing Else but the Buzzing of the Bees
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2008 Museumnacht
2003 Art Rotterdam
2002 M.A.F.
The subject of 'OCD'(obsessive compulsive disorder) in Tamás Komoróczky's work can be seen as a special and vivid type of phenomenon belonging to the cybernetic generation.
The theme is, the pattern as a paradigm. Is there a visual equivalent of that recurrence that can be observed in OCD? The question is not whether or not a mental state can be visualized, but whether those rhythms and /or designs that are characteristic of OCD can be rendered for the eye.. .
Komoróczky is consistent in his use of those designs that are typical of the cybernetic condition. Consistent, in that his repetition is more like multiplication than reproduction, in the sense that 'multiplicity' creates complexity. (or false complexity ; it is complex visually, even though it is built from the repetition of non-complex elements.)