Shelagh Keeley
Year Title  
2005 The empty and the full
1995 Drawings
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2012 Korenbeurs Schiedam
2012 Different Dimensions II
2009 Zomeropstelling / Summer Exposure
2009 Art Amsterdam
2007 Art Rotterdam
2007 Art Amsterdam
2007 Kaleidoscope
Year Title
2008 Notebook nr. 7
2008 An Encyclopaedia of Memory and Slowness
Year Title
2008 Sketchbook nr 7

Shelagh Keely is concerned with this body, with the body about which we have no certainty, a fantasized body, imaginary, evading the orders of knowledge. A body which has to do with scenario operating on different levels. It is scenario of this sort which are posed or rather inspired by these drawings. Moreover, although it is necessary to see them in the perspective of art history one must also go well beyond these limits. Besides photographs, Keely often integrates in her drawings transfers of images belonging to the sciences, to the history of scientific representation. Her work is more along the lines of a very learned exploration of artforms and plays on a register which extends, from magic rituals to the most refined formalist practices in which no one is entitled to believe.(Alain Laframboise)