Christina de Vos
Year Title  
2003 Elizabeth
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2008 Kaleidoscope 2
Humanity is her subject. She avidly collects images and forms of people, especially from art books, magazines and newspapers. From time to time she puts these piles of cuttings to order in thick albums, casually grouped according to posture, color and subject mood. In this hoard of cuttings there is a lot of admiration for the ‘eye’ of old masters such as Rubens and Bruegel, or for the artificial stars of theater and film. The images that affect her eventually end up in her work; quite literally in the sketches and unrecognizably altered and mixed in the paintings/drawings. It is a process of choosing, simplifying, playing with proportions and color tones, searching for the correct direction, color and thickness of a line, plane and paint.

Translation: Mirjam Hoekman