Freek Drent
Year Title  
2007 Collages
2005 Project Rotterdam
Year Title
2012 Different Dimensions II
2009 Kaleidoscope III
2009 Kunst Kickoff
2007 Art Amsterdam
2006 Art Rotterdam
Year Title
2004 Kop en schotel
2006 Collage
2007 nr 103
Freek Drent’s new collages derive from his interest in illustrations taken from a variety of sources. These include manuals of domestic devices; books on anatomy; repair manuals and craft books; and, for instance, the IKEA catalogue. They further range from 16th-century etchings; Andreas Versalius’ atlas of the human body; to 20th century ‘exploded views’ in, for example, the handbook of the motor mechanic or of the evolution of human kind. It offers him a search into missing links. In the last 4 years he has built up an extensive archive of these types of information sources.
Selections from this material, especially the many different ‘clear-line’ drawings, form the starting point of his collages. They undergo significant changes and are arranged in a complete new setting. At the same time, their original context remains ‘legible’. This is a crucial point in Freek Drent’s work as it gives his collages intriguing tensions, both in form and content.
One outcome is the dissolving of boundaries between old and new media. His use of contrasts on different levels, such as the use of visual elements which refer to various (art)historical periods, are a continuing theme in his work.
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2013 - #209 6 2013 - 40x40 cm